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What is active carbon


Activated carbon is a porous carbon material with a large number of tiny pores and surface area. It is widely used in adsorption and purification processes and has excellent adsorption capacity. The preparation process of activated carbon usually starts from natural materials (such as wood or coconut shell), which are subjected to high-temperature pyrolysis or chemical treatment to give it a high degree of pore structure and surface activity.


What is active carbon


The microporous structure of activated carbon is a key factor in its performance. The existence of these tiny pores greatly increases its surface area, thereby improving its adsorption capacity. By providing more surface contact, activated carbon can effectively adsorb and remove impurities and harmful substances from gases, liquids and even solutions.


Its application fields are very wide, covering many fields such as environmental protection, industrial production and medical health. In the environmental field, activated carbon is used to purify air and water sources and remove odors, harmful gases, heavy metal ions and other pollutants. Industrially, activated carbon is widely used in chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries for decolorization, deodorization, separation and purification. In healthcare, it is also used as an adsorbent in pharmaceuticals to treat poisoning and certain digestive problems.


The performance and application of activated carbon depend on its pore structure, surface properties and preparation process. Different preparation methods and raw materials will lead to different types of activated carbon, suitable for different application scenarios. For example, granular activated carbon is suitable for water treatment, while activated carbon fiber is more suitable for air filtration. In addition, the regeneration and recycling of activated carbon is also an important topic, especially in terms of environmental protection. Effective regeneration and utilization of activated carbon has a positive impact on resources and the environment.


In general, activated carbon plays an important role in various fields with its excellent adsorption performance and wide range of applications. With the continuous development of science and technology, research on its properties and preparation methods is also deepening. It is believed that activated carbon will play a greater role in environmental protection and industrial production.